Migration to new project file

Starting from Designer version 5.5.0 TestResults.io uses the new SDK-style project file format for new projects. This increases performance and causes less changes when adding files to the project (which in turns makes merging for multiple automation engineers much simpler).

The old project format is still supported, but we recommend migrating to the new project file format. In the solution explorer through the context menu for an old TestResults.io project you will find the option to migrate to the new file format. The automatic migration will only migrate the default TestResults.io project setup. If you referenced other nuget packages or projects or made other advanced changes to your project file, they will likely have to be completed manually after the migration.

Follow these steps for a proper and simple migration:

  • Git Commit: Commit any pending changes, so you have a clean state to go back to in case of issues

  • Migration: Migrate the project file through the context menu action. You can do project by project or select multiple projects and do them together

  • Rebuild the project/solution: If you don't use additional references or advanced changes to the project, it should build as before. Otherwise follow these additional steps (the old project file is still present as csproj_backup to help you identify issues):

    • Add missing nuget packages again

    • Add missing project or assembly references

    • Fix any other remaining compile errors

  • Adjust assembly Info if necessary: Product, copyright and author information can now be set in project properties, previous assembly info is available as backup file in Properties folder

  • Run a test: Make sure you can start a test run

  • Delete backup files: If everything works again you may delete the created backup files

  • Ignore launchSettings for git: For every test case a launchSetting.json file is created in Properties folder. Since this file is modified for every execution, it is best to exclude it from source control by listing it in the gitignore file

  • Git Commit: Before continuing with the automation and doing other changes commit the migration as a separate commit for a clear change history.

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