An interface for a command line interpreter, such as cmd.exe on Windows or Terminal on Mac. It allows to run commands (e.g. copying file, mapping remote directory etc.) through the console.

ICommandLineWindow Interface

Namespace: Progile.TRIO.BaseModel Assembly: Progile.TRIO.BaseModel (in Progile.TRIO.BaseModel.dll)




Clears the current console session.

Enters the specified text in the command line window and verifies the input.

Makes sure the command line is ready for a new command. Clears existing input text that is not run yet and aborts a running command if necessary.

Enters the provided command and runs it by pressing enter. Returns as soon as the first output of the command is received (on the next line).

Verifies the expected text appears in the output of the last command. Allows to pass in different variants of the text in order to allow for different localisations.

Waits for a command to complete by waiting until the command line is ready for a new command. Note: an input request is not considered a completed command and will most likely timeout the method.

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