What's new? - TestResults.io platform

Release Details

  • Released TestResults.io test automation platform

Release Components

  • Visual Designer:

  • TestResults.io Engine:

  • TestResults.io Models (available at nuget.org):

    • BaseModel:

    • EnvironmentModel Windows :

    • EnvironmentModel Mac:

New Features

  • Advanced Visual Screen Editor - now you can automatically generate screens and its elements (e.g. Buttons, TextBoxes) without any coding

  • Added connection support for Android devices (Engine and Visual Designer)

Known bugs

Visual Designer:

  • Connection to the Test Env. needs to be opened before starting an execution in order to see the live execution.

  • After saving an image, if the user selects the new rectangle the hotspot is not reset

  • Name of Controls and Screen names need to be entered without spaces. Otherwise the generated screen C# class will show invalid variable names.


  • Image Modification for OCR Engine only works with FindText(), but not with GetText()