An interface for a browser. See Browser in the Enironment Model for an actual implementation. Inherits from IWindow, in the same way the Browser inherits from Window.

IBrowser Interface

Namespace: Progile.TRIO.BaseModel Assembly: Progile.TRIO.BaseModel (in Progile.TRIO.BaseModel.dll)




Authenticates to the server authentication request which is handled by windows or the browser, and not the webpage itself. If no AuthenticationDialog was found on the screen, the method assumes no authentication was required and does nothing.

Downloads and saves a file under the given path. Browser needs to be configured that it asks what to do with the file to download. This method assumes there is already a download request initiated.

Copies the URL from the URL textbox and returns it as a string. Special handling for edge to trim \r at the end and close the suggestions.

Goes back one page using the browser back button. Caller needs to wait for and verify the expected page.

Goes forward one page using the browser forward button. Caller needs to wait for and verify the expected page.

Navigates the browser to an URL. URL should end in "/" to avoid problems with verification.




The icon to navigate one page back.

The Select defining the content of the browser window. Does not contain Browser toolbars, tabs and URL textbox.

The icon to navigate one page forward.

The icon to navigate to the home page. This icon is also used to check if a browser is open and depending on which representation is found, defines the Browser.Type.

The icon to refresh the current page.

The url textbox.

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