These parameters are used for FindImage(s) methods, but are overruled by the processing parameters that are set on the image itself, if there are any. E.g. if the ImageEngine in the image processing parameters is set to Default, the ImageEngine from the ImageDetectionParamers is used. However if a specific Engine was set in the image processing parameters, the ImageEngine from the ImageDetectionParamers is ignored.




If true the cache lookup for this particular image search is disabled (only has an effect if t.Properties.UseImagePositionCache is enabled)

Default false.


Advanced parameters that are dependent on the ImageEngine. I.e ImageDetectionParametersPrecise or ImageDetectionParametersTemplate


Image engine to be used for Image Detection. Can be Precise or Template or Default (will fall back to DefaultImageEngine)


Masking image that is used to disregard a part of the image to find. This property is set automatically if a .mask with the same name as the image is present in the folder of the image.


Image detection precision between 0 and 1 that determines how tolerant the engine is when finding an image. 0 meaning all images are found, 1 meaning an exact match is required.


Preprocessing mode that is applied to the search image and the screen image before finding the image. "None" or "Smooth".

Use Smooth for images containing text to allow for differences in alising or rendering of the text.


Scaling settings for finding the image (not used currently).

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