FileDialog Properties


The button to cancel the FileDialog (see also: Cancel method).

Syntax: public Button CancelButton { get; }


The text box to enter the file name (in currently shown folder) or full file path (for any other folder).

Syntax: public TextBox FileName { get; }


The dropown below the FileName to select the file type as which the file shall be saved. Note: Currently not supported for Win7 and Win8.

Syntax: public Dropdown FileTypeDropdown { get; }


The button to open the selected file or the file from the input path (see also: Open method).

Syntax: public Button OpenButton { get; }


The text box to enter the path for the folder to be shown. Note: Currently not supported for Win7. Use FileName instead.

Syntax: public TextBox Path { get; }


The button to save to the file set in the FileName TextBox (see also: Save method).

Syntax: public Button SaveButton { get; }


A label referring to any warning dialog that might be shown after saving or opening.

Syntax: public Label Warning { get; }

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