Gives you an overview about the Portal and its options

The TestResults.io portal is a central place that combines your test cases, their setup, their execution and their results.

General Structure

TestResults.io provides you a hierarchical structure to help you stay in control of your testing activities.

  |- Subject Under Tests
  |- Test Environments    
  |- TestSet
     |- TestCases
        |- TestPlans
           |- TestReports
              |- TestReportInstances
                 |- TestSteps

As you can see there are quite a few entities involved, let's get a little overview



Container for all testing activities specific to one of your projects

Defines a software/app version you want to test

Defines a test environment in which you want to run your tests

Defines a container for TestCase based on risk, customer priority, coverage requirement, etc.

Defines a container for TestPlan and additional meta information

Defines exactly what and how a single test should be executed

Is an executed instance of a single Test Plan

In case of a performance or stability TestPlan a TestReport has multiple instances (numbers of simultaniously run tests)

Defines the results and additional meta information like run time and overall result for a single step of your TestPlan

Most of the time, for testing, you will work with Project, TestSet & TestCase only as the TestResults.io platform abstracts all the other parts from your daily needs.

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