BaseScreen Properties


Specifies whether a OnScreenElement.WaitFor of an element of this screen will scroll to the element using the Scroller or not.

Syntax: public bool CanScrollToFindElement { get; set; }


Global default value for the CanScrollToFindElement property, in the case that nothing else is configured.

Syntax: public static bool DefaultCanScrollToFindElement { get; set; } = false;


Overrides OnScreenElement.Filters and defaults to AppBasics.Window if not set.

Syntax: public IImageFilter[] Filters { get; set; }


A Select Filter containing the whole screen. It is recommended to use this as filter for contained elements. Defaults to AppBasics.Window if not set. When setting this property, only the dimension of the ScreenSelect are changed, but the object reference remains the same.

Syntax: public virtual Select ScreenSelect { get; protected set; }


The scroller that will be used to scroll on this screen. By default AppBasics.GetScroller is used to set the scroller. This Scroller is used by the ScrollToElement method of the screen.

Syntax: public IScroller Scroller { get; protected set; }

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