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ITester Interface

ITester Members

The ITester type exposes the following members.


Returns the content of a variable as a string. If the variable is not defined the defaultValue is returned. The variables can be defined in the portal either under the test plan or the software version.
Checks if the current TR.IO Framework fullfills the required version constraints.
Writes information to the public execution log.
Removes the last log scope from the stack.
Pushes a new scope to the current log scope stack.
Tries to copy the requested filetype from the portal storage to the remote directory that holds the supporting files.
Waits for the defined amount of seconds
Waits for the specified interaction timeout in case the last operation was an interaction and the time between the last interaction and this call is less than the specified timeout
Blocks the execution of the current step until the manual interaction is confirmed
For performance tests only. Stops the execution of the test case until all other test case instances are ready to be executed simultaneously


Provides access to the underlying SUT connections
Holds the name of the currently executing test case
Holds the numeric ID of the currently executing test step id
Provides access to functionality to setup and use specific debug mode features
Provides access to additional functionality for domain specific algorithms
Provides access to the current test duration in milliseconds
Provides access to global properties used for the different test interaction engines
Provides access to functionality to report test results
Provides access to functionality to interact with the subject under test