Adding Test Cases


In order to start writing your first line of code with the designer you need to first add a test case to your solution. To do so follow the steps below

  • Open the Visual Studio Solution Explorer

  • Right click on the Solution (top node)

  • Select the context menu

  • Select the New Test Case project option

Depending on your license type you will be able to either manually enter the details of the test case or add a test case from the portal.

Adding a test case from the portal

If you have already established a connection with the portal (see Connections chapter for more details) you can add a test case from the portal directly to your solution. Once you have select the New test case project option you will be prompted with the following window:

where you will be able to select the desired test case and its revision from the dropdown lists. Once you have selected the TC simply press the Add button.

New Test Case in the Solution Explorer

Once you have successfully added a new test case to your solution you will it in the Solution Explorer as follows:

If you want to star working with your first test case simply open the generated class (.cs file). The details of how the test case class is build can be found in the next chapter - Test Case structure.

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