What is TestResults.io

TestResults.io is the only cloud native test platform on the market today.

Our Mission

Automated Testing. Done. While most IT and business departments perceive test automation as the challenge in automation we see it as the initial step on your journey to complete automated testing.

What automated testing requires

Besides a tool to automate your tests you need a place to store your tests, an environment that allows you to execute your tests, a subject under test ("SUT") repository, an environment repository, a reliable reporting system and far more important a system that provides you resources you can host your SUT on in a scaleable way.

Why TestResults.io

Because it saves you time and money.

  • It saves you up to 97% of your time on introducing automated testing in your company

    • Instead of days or weeks, it will take you approx. 1h to have TestResults.io up and running

  • It saves you up to 95% of your test infrastructure costs

  • It saves you up to 80% of your execution costs

  • It saves you 100% of any execution license, as they are all included

In addition, TestResults.io is an integrated solution, not a tool.

  • TestResults.io is a complete platform for automated testing, not a tool for test automation

  • TestResults.io is not bound to any specific technology (like .net/Java/QT/MFC)

  • TestResults.io automates your 35 years old HOST application as well as you brand new, shiny, soon-to-be released app on Android or iOS

  • TestResults.io has a intrusion level of 0 (zero) for most of its environments. The number 1 choice for regulated markets.

Which targets does TestResults.io support

As a platform TestResults.io supports any of the following test targets

  • Cloud: Applications or APIs running in the cloud

  • Devices: Android, iOS or embedded devices

  • Business solutions: SAP, Finnova, Abacus, etc.

  • Desktop applications: Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

What cloud native really means

With cloud native we highlight that the TestResults.io platform is accessible from everywhere with all executions automatically being hosted and run in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This gives you complete freedom for topics like scaleability, environment isolation, storage and hosting. At the same time we host your mobile application tests with a myriad of device cloud providers, including real device clouds.

While TestResults.io being cloud native, it fully supported on-site installations as well. For on-site installations we can guarantee scaleability and environment isolation within the possibilities of your test lab.

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