Provides information on the statistics shown at the dashboard

The dashboard is the first screen you see once you selected a project in the portal. If gives you a complete overview of your executed test cases as well as about the automation status of all registered test cases.

Portal Dashboard

Information Areas

The dashboard screen is split into four different sections. Three of them show you passed/failed information on executed test cases, the last one shows information on all registered test cases, even the once that were not executed yet.

Current Software State

Gives you an overview of the executed test cases for a specific software version and a specific test environment.

Current Software State (top-left area)

The overview is based on the latest test reports, i.e. if you have a test case with three executions for which the first and the second execution are passed but the third is failed, the test case will be listed as failed in this overview.

Please see Test Reports in Test Cases section for a detailed explanation of the possible states.

The SW version drop down will allow you to select any SW version that was

  1. used for a test a least once AND

  2. is not archived or deleted

The test environment drop down will allow you to select any test environment that was

  1. used for a test a least once AND

  2. used to the selected SW version at least once AND

  3. is not archived or deleted

Based on these selection criterias you should first select the SW version you are interested and then continue with selection the test environment.

Test Coverage

Test Coverage (top-right area)

The Test Coverage shows you how many tests are passed/failed per test set. The selection of this information area automatically synchronizes to your selection for the Current Software State.

To jump to a test set directly, you can click on the name of the test set.

You can hover over the indidivual bars to get a popup that shows you how many tests in the test set are passed or failed. In this simple example you can easily see the number yourself, but keep in mind that test sets usually have in the hundreds of test cases

Software State Overview

Software State Overview (bottom-left area)

Software State Overview plots the last execution for every version of your software by the Subject Under Test identifier, showing passed and failed test cases. This lists all test environments the software was tested again.

Detail Popup

Test Automation Status

Test Automation Status (bottom-right area)

The Test Automation Status gives you an overview of all test cases registered for the currently selected project. This allows you to identify gaps or road blockers in your automation process.

Please see Test Plans in Test Cases section for a detailed explanation of the possible states.