Interacting with the SUT


The Remote Viewer allows you to interact with the System Under Test (SUT). That means you will be able to control your test environment and the tested software via the Remote Viewer the same way as if you would be directly accessing the system. That includes:
  • Interacting with the mouse
  • Using the keyboard
  • Using the clipboard
The Remote Viewer also allows you to:
  • Take images of the SUT which will be used in your test cases and test models
  • Generate classes in your solution automatically based on the controls defined by you

Remote Viewer sections

The Viewer is divided into two sections:
  • Control section - located on the left side where the user can see the view of the SUT
  • Image Preview/Screen Editing section - where the user can preview images/define pages

Switching between modes

The Remote Viewer can work in two modes:
  • Control mode - in this mode you are can interact with the SUT (for more details refer to the Control mode chapter)
  • Capture mode - in this mode you can take pictures of the SUT which will be later on used in your test cases/test models (for more details refer to the Capture mode chapter)
In order to switch between those modes simply press the Mode button located in the top left corner of the Remote Viewer. The Mode button will indicate the currently selected mode as shown below:
You can also switch in between the modes by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Space

Enabling/Disabling the Screen Editor

The Screen Editor is used to automatically generate code (Screen classes) based on the controls defined by the user (for more details refer to the Screen Editor chapter).
In order to enable/disable the Screen Editor press the Screen Editor button located in the top right corner of the Remote Viewer. The Screen Editor button will indicate whereas the editor is enabled or disabled as shown below:
Once the Screen Editor is on the Screen Editing section will be enabled (right section of the Remote Viewer). The section looks as follows:

Extending the Control section

If you would like to have more space to work with your SUT you can always collapse the Image Preview/Screen Editing section by pressing the

Zoom In / Zoom Out mode

You can enable the zoom in/out feature by pressing the ZoomIn/ZoomOut button located in the bottom of the Remote Viewer.
Once enabled you can adjust the zoom level using the zoom slider.
The table below shows the difference between modes and why the zooming in/out feature is not always enabled.
Zoom mode status
Size of SUT displayed in the Remote Viewer
Always the full width of the SUT. Regardless of the Remote Viewer window size
The maxium possible zoom out/zoom in level for the displayed SUT.
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