Regulated Markets

Gives you an overview on why is the only automated testing platform that provides you the option to test in a highly regulated market

Workflow Driven Execution is an automation test platform with native, built-in support for regulated markets. Therefore regulations for electronic records etc. are followed by providing a complete Test Automation Workflow.

Please see section Test Automation Workflow for detailed information.

Frozen Solutions

For regulated markets we have implemented the "Frozen Solution" approach. The test platform is completely build around these principles:

  • Full Traceability of an execution

  • Versioned test case plans and test case report

  • Fixed execution environments

These three principals allow us to provide you what matters the most in regulated market: Complete Repeatability. In case if there is ever the need to repeat a test exactly the way it was executed months or years ago will allow you to run exactly the same configuration again.

The platform is divided into multiple main components

  • Test Design

  • Test Management

  • Test Execution

Any automated test case is stored in a way that does not require any parts of "Test Design" nor "Test Management" to re-execute. Therefore, we require a strictly versioned "Test Execution" component.

Test Execution is divided into the sub-components Hosting, JobManager, TestEngineRunner, TestEngine & SubEngine. All of these sub-components are individually versioned and have their individual open issues lists. To make sure that the Test Execution takes place exactly the same as it did before, every automated test case contains also the information which version of the TestEngine is required to execute it.

Hosting, JobManager, TestEngineRunner and SubEngine are versioned around the TestEngine, therefore, we do have a full execution chain that is directly labeled by the version of the TestEngine.

In summary: With you can run a test case exactly the way it was run before even if the whole environment was updated multiple times as the actual Test Execution chain is versioned and always available in a repository.

This Frozen Solution approach lays the foundation of a fully traceable, automated testing system based on the platform.

Compare for yourself

Use our check list to assess if the solution you are currently evaluating is really meant to be used in a regulated environment.

If you cannot check all six boxes, perhaps it is time to includes in your evaluation.

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