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Just want to try it out? You can also have a look at our Demo Project on Github where we automate some tests for

Visual Studio handling

  • Go to File-->New-->Project from the Top Menu
  • In the Create new project dialog type in TestSolution in the search field
  • Select solution
  • Press the Next button
  • Enter the Project name and press Create

Common steps

The first screen that you will see is the Solution options.
You will need to provide the following information before a solution is created:
  • Test Project you would like to work with. This project corresponds to the project in the portal
  • Software Version - the SW Model you would like to develop. This corresponds to the Software Version you have entered in the portal
  • Test Case - the first test case you would like to start to work with. This corresponds to the Test Case defined in the portal
After you have created your Solution, continue with the development environment.