Executing your Test Case


If you have already created your first test case (see the previous chapter Simple Test Case (Example)) you are ready to execute your test case for the first time. You can monitor to execution of your test case in two places:

  • Live view of the execution using the Remote Viewer - where you can monitor the actions being executed

  • Visual Studio output pane - where you can see the test engine logging - the logging provides you the information about the current step number and the actions currently being taken by the engine

To start the execution of your first test case ensure that:

Step 1: Test Case Project is Set as a startup project in the Solution Explorer

Make sure that your test project is set as start-up project. To do so:

  • Right click on the Test Case Project file

  • Select the Set as StartUp Project option

Step 2: Press F5 or the Start button in the Debug section

To start your test case simply press the F5 button. You will be able to see the execution of the test case in the Remote Viewer. Our example execution will look as follows:

Local Evidence directory

During the execution of the test cases the engine not only logs the execution steps but also automatically takes screenshots whenever the PassStep or FailStep function is used. In order to access the Evidence Directory go to your Test Case Project folder and access the EvidenceDirectory.

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