The BaseScreen is an abstract class that represents a section of the UI that contains other UI elements (such as buttons, textboxes etc). The class offers a ScreenSelect property that can be used to limit the search of the contained UI elements to this UI section. Since it inherits from OnScreenElement itself, we can WaitFor on the BaseScreen to ensure the corresponding UI page is shown.

Since the constructor is part of the generated class and should not be changed by the user, the partial void ConfigureElementProperties() method allows to set properties of the screen or generated elements or instantitate additional elements. The method will be executed as part of the constructor.

Through the IAppBasics interface the BaseScreen has access to important properties of the App itself. Therefore the App or another AppBasics property needs to be passed to the constructor when instantiating a BaseScreen.

BaseScreen Class (abstract)

Namespace: Progile.TRIO.BaseModel Assembly: Progile.TRIO.BaseModel (in Progile.TRIO.BaseModel.dll)

Inheritance Hierarchy:

Object Progile.TRIO.BaseModel.OnScreenElement Progile.TRIO.BaseModel.BaseScreen



public BaseScreen(
	IAppBasics appBasics,
	string displayName,
	ImageReference screenOpenImage




Type: Progile.TRIO.BaseModel.IAppBasics The AppBasics that offers access to the ITester, the rectangle of the window containing the application and an IScroller implementation.


Type: String The name of the element that will be used for logging and reporting of exceptions (customer facing).


Type: ImageReference The reference to the image that is searched for on WaitFor() and determines if the correct screen is displayed.




Activates this screen to make it ready to interact with it. By default just calls WaitFor(), but can be extended to maybe additionally give the focus to this screen.

Uses the Scroller of the screen to scroll to the provided element.




Specifies whether a ScreenElement.WaitFor of an element of this screen will scroll to the element using the Scroller or not.

Global default value of the CanScrollToFindElement property, in the case that nothing else is configured.

Overrides OnScreenElement.Filters and defaults to AppBasics.Window if not set.

A Select Filter containing the whole screen. It is recommended to use this as Filter for contained Elements. Defaults to AppBasics.Window if not set.

The scroller that will be used to scroll on this screen. By default AppBasics.GetScroller is used to set the scroller.

Protected Properties




The AppBasics that offers access to the ITester, the rectangle of the containing Window and an implementation.

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