Dropdown Properties

The dropdown button used to open the dropdownList. Either coming from provided buttonImage in Dropdown ctor or just the Textbox itself (works in most dropdowns).
Syntax: public Button DropdownButton { get; }
The image detection parameters that are used to find an image entry in the dropdown list.
Syntax: public ImageDetectionParameters DropdownListImageParas { get; }
The ocr parameters that are used to find a text entry in the dropdown list. By default also these paras are used to verify a selected element, but TextBox.TextBoxOcrParas can be set separately.
Syntax: public OcrEngineParameters DropdownListOcrParas { get; }


Determines whether the mouse should be moved in the middle of the dropdownlist in order to focus the scroller of the list. Can cause problems with list entries that have tooltips. Default: false
Syntax: public bool MoveMouseListAfterOpen { get; set; }


Textbox of the dropdown. Is also used to define the dropdown list rectangle. Rectangle of TextBox is defined when first used by visible closed border around the Hotspot of the provided image.
Syntax: public TextBox TextBox { get; set; }