Capture Single Image

In some cases you do not want to add an image to the Software Model but record it to use in a single testcase. These images are usually very specific and only used to verify if a teststep was executed successfully, for example check if the content of a PDF is as expected.

Use the Capture Single Image function to record images that are specific to a test case.

The Image can be saved to a Test case using the "Target project" dropdown.

The Image will be saved in the "Images" folder of the selected test case.

Use the following code example to verify if the image is on the screen:

        TestInput = "Check if the logo image is on the screen",
        ExpectedResults = "The logo is visible")]
public void Step1(ITester t)
    bool logoVisible = t.Testee.FindImage(Images.logo).HasSucceeded;
        criteria: logoVisible,
        passed: "The logo was visible",
        failed: "The logo was not visible"

You can find more examples in our Demo Project on Github, where we use it in Testcase 002 Teststep 5 and 6.

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