Visual Sense

AI Helper to automatically detect a Textbox or Dropdown to a given Label

Functionality and Use Cases of Visual Sense

Visual Sense allows you to eliminate hardcoded references from a Label to its corresponding Textbox.

In the following example we recorded an Image only containing the Label "First name:" (see the red border). The corresponding Textbox (purple box) where to actually type the text is automatically detected.

This enables the test case to automatically adapt in case the Textbox is moved (for example in a mobile version of your application).

Visual Sense can also be applied to other screen element types like dropdowns:

How to activate Visual Sense

Visual Sense can be activated and deactivated when creating and editing Screen Elements on a Screen by checking/unchecking the corresponding checkbox.

If you activate Visual Sense you also get a preview in the Remote Viewer where the corresponding Textbox/Dropdown was found:

How to deactivate Visual Sense

If the preview shows that Visual Sense detects a wrong Textbox, you need to deactivate Visual sense by unchecking the Checkbox.

If Visual Sense is deactivated the Hotspot set on the recorded Image will be used as reference to detect the Textbox. You can move the Hotspot (represented by the crosshair) with drag and drop when recording or editing an Image.

Make sure to move the Hotspot inside the box at an empty spot where no text or symbol will be displayed. If the Hotspot is directly on Text it could lead to errors while trying to detect the Textbox around it.

If you record multiple Images for an Element (for example in different languages), make sure to set the Hotspot correctly in each Image.

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