TextBox Properties


Determines whether we should click out of the textbox after typing to take away focus of the textbox and thus confirming the value. Default: true

Syntax: public bool ClickOutAfterType { get; set; }


Determines whether we should click out of the textbox before using ocr on the textbox to avoid detecting the cursor as a character. Default: true

Syntax: public bool ClickOutBeforeOCR { get; set; }


The default Textbox type if nothing else is configured. Default is Clipboard. Set this to OCR if SUT doesn't support clipboard transfer.

Syntax: public static TextBoxType DefaultType { get; set; }


The tolerance to use in the SelectFromColorAtPoint method when defining the TextBoxSelect. Default is 0.04 (10 RGB values), which allows the floodFill algorithm to pass through most textboxes, even with a light gradient but stop on a clear border around the textbox.

Syntax: public double FloodFillTolerance { get; set; }


Indicates whether the Text property containing the content of the textbox as it is known to the model was read from the SCREEN, SET by the model itself (e.g. enter Text) or is UNKNOWN.

Syntax: public DataSourceType Source { get; protected set; }


The content of the textbox as it is currently known to the model. Use Source to see where the model got this information.

Syntax: public string Text { get; protected set; }


The ocr paras that are used to get or verify text in the box. Only applies to TextBoxType OCR.

Syntax: public OcrEngineParameters TextBoxOcrParas { get; set; }


The select filter containing the textbox input rectangle defined by the closed border around the Hotspot of the location image given in the designer. This Select is used to read and verify Text for TextBoxType OCR.

Syntax: public Select TextBoxSelect { get; }


Determines whether OCR or the clipboard shall be used to get or verify text in the textbox. Default: DefaultType

Syntax: public TextBoxType TextBoxType { get; set; }

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