Advanced LEAD settings.


Define a character filter to get better ocr engine results. Following filters are available:

  • Digits: Recognition of numerals only. e.g. "3" (Digit Three).

  • Uppercase: Recognition of uppercase letters only, including accented ones. e.g. "A" (Capital A).

  • Lowercase: Recognition of lowercase letters only including accented ones. e.g. "a" (Lowercase a).

  • Alpha: Upper and lowercase letters only. This is a combination of (Uppercase | Lowercase).

  • Punctuation: Recognition of punctuation signs only. e.g. "!" (Exclamation Mark).

  • Miscellaneous: Recognition of other miscellaneous characters only. e.g. "+" (Plus sign).

  • All: All characters. Since all elements are enabled, there is no filtering. This a combination of Digit (| Uppercase | Lowercase | Punctuation | Miscellaneous).

  • Numbers: Digits plus the "FilterPlus" characters. This is a combination of (Digit | Plus).

Default: ZoneCharacterFilters.All;

Syntax: public ZoneCharacterFilters CharacterFilters { get; set; }


If true detects and removes inverted text regions to allow OCR to detect normal and inverted font colors in the same image. Default: true

Syntax: public bool DetectInvertedTextRegions { get; set; }


If true, enables LEAD OCR spell checking. Default: false

Syntax: public bool EnableSpellChecking { get; set; }

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