Screen Explorer


The Screen Explorer serves as an overview of all screens that were created with the Screen Editor. While the standard Visual Studio Solution Explorer also shows the generated classes corresponding to the generated screens, it also shows all "normal" classes, images and so on. The Screen Explorer focuses on the generated screens and offers specific functionalities related to them.

Similar to the Solution Explorer, the Screen Explorer shows the project, i.e. the software model on the top level. The generated screens and all project folders are then displayed in an expandable tree view for each software model.

To keep your Screens organised you can create sub folders and drag and drop screens between folders.

Editing the Generated Screens

The main functionality of the Screen Explorer is to enable to edit previously generated screens. By double-clicking a Screen the Screen Editor is opened with the details of this particular screen and allows to add, modify or remove elements and properties for this screen.

The Project selection is disabled. You can move a screen to another folder in the same project using the Screen location dropdown, but it's not possible to move it to another project.

When saving the modification to a generated screen, the following actions are performed automatically, depending on the modification.

  • The name and location of both the generated and the user code classes corresponding to the screen are adjusted.

  • The user class file (MyScreen.cs) is renamed with the new name and / or moved to the new location

  • The previous generated file (MyScreen.g.cs) file is deleted and regenerated in new location with new name

  • The class name in the user class file is renamed (including all references to it)

  • The property name of the screen in App.g.cs is renamed (including all references to it)

  • The namespace of the screen in both class files is modified to the new namespace reflecting the location of the screen

  • Existing image files are moved to the new location

  • References from other generated screens to the images that were moved are updated and the corresponding screens regenerated

To cancel your edit click Clear. This will allow you to add the details and elements for a new screen.

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