Generating Test Containers

How to generate a Test Container

If you have already developed your test case you have to make it available to the portal. The portal expects a .testcontainer file created out of your test case. The container consists of:

  • Images associated with your test case project

  • Test Case DLLs (the code you have written in Visual Studio)

To generate such a container simply :

  • Open the Visual Studio Solution Explorer

  • Right click on the Test Case Project

  • Select the context menu

  • Select the Generate test case test container option

A successful generation of the test container will be also indicated in the Visual Studio output section as follows:

Container was successfully created. C:\Projects\MyFirstTrioSolution\TC001_Rev1\bin\Debug\PortalUpload\TC001_Rev1_20190506_135523.testcontainer

Test Container file

The test container file name is always named according to the following schema


Therefore the following test case container TC001_Rev1_20190506_135523.testcontainer can be decoded as follows:

  • TC Identifier: 001

  • Revision: 1

  • Generation Date: 2019-05-06

  • Generation Time: 13:55:23

The next chapter (Publishing Test Cases) explains how to make the testcontainer available in the Portal.

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