Capture Mode

The capture mode allows you to take pictures of the controls present on your SUT and save them for later usage within the designer and your source code.

Selecting an image and defining the hotspot

Drawing a Rectangle

To select an image you will need to define the rectangle of the image to take. To do so you simply need to draw a rectangle using your mouse. You can draw the rectangle from whichever side you wish. Once you are done drawing simply release the mouse button.

Once you are done you will see the image taken in the preview section.

Selecting the Hotspot

You can also move the hotspot outside of the image boundaries. Please be careful when selecting a hotspot

You can also modify the position of the hotspot within the preview area by following simply drag and dropping it:

Setting the image parameters before saving

You can modify the parameters of the image before saving it to you solution. The following parameters can be modified before the image is saved:

Parameter name




Not mandatory image description (free text)

This is a button


HotSpot of the image i.e. the relative location where the engine will click on the image. By default the hotspot is placed in the center

X:64, Y:21


Type of the Engine which is to be used for the Image Search. You can select from Default, Precise or Template matching



The precision which is to be used when looking for the image on the SUT. Precision 1.0 looks for a perfect match, whereas a lower precision allows the deviations of the image (e.g. highlighted image vs not highlighted image)


Processing Mode

Determines how the search image and the screen image shall be pre-processed. The engine has the possibility of smoothing the image which can help to overcome text aliasing or rendering differences on different systems.

When using smooth, make sure that your search image contains as little space around the text or icon as possible (in other words, the color should not change just outside of the search image).


Target Project

Determines for which project of solution should the image be saved.


Saving the image

Save the image in a directory which is a part of the selected project. Otherwise the designer might have problems in locating the desired image.

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