Provides information on the project screen and how to work with projects in

The projects screen is presented to you after login. It usually contains the Play Ground project that was automatically created for you.

The three tabs "Project", "Favorites" and "Archive" allow direct access to your active projects, your archived ones and all your favorites.


All projects that are currently active will be shown on the main screen. In case you have more than 6 projects an additional recent section will be shown, which allows you to quick select any of the last 6 active projects

Create a new project

The New Project dialog allows you to create a new empty project. You need to specify a name for the new project and can optionaly enter a description of the project. The description is used in other screens like the dashboard to help you keep track of your current selection.


The Favorites Screen allows you easy access to all projects, test cases or test sets that you marked as favorite.

To jump to a project, test case or test set just click on the corresponding element.

To remove the favorite state on any of those elements, click on the yellow asterisk and the element will immediately be removed from the favorites list.

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