Links solution

To add a new solution follow the steps below:

Visual Studio 2017 handling

  • Go to File-->New-->Project from the Top Menu
  • On the left hand side expand the Installed-->Visual C# node and select the node
  • Select the solution
  • Enter the name of solution and press OK

Visual Studio 2019 handling

  • Go to File-->New-->Project from the Top Menu
  • In the Create new project dialog type in TestSolution in the search field
  • Select solution
  • Press the Next button
  • Enter the Project name and press Create

Common steps

The first screen that you will see is the Solution options.
You will need to provide the following information before a solution is created:
  • Test Project you would like to work with. This project corresponds to the project in the portal
  • Software Version - the SW Model you would like to develop. This corresponds to the Software Version you have entered in the portal
  • Test Case - the first test case you would like to start to work with. This corresponds to the Test Case defined in the portal