Image Explorer


The Image Explorer allows you to view the images taken with the designer as well to modify the parameters of the taken images. The process of taking images with the Designer is described in chapter Capture Mode and Screen Editor

Viewing the Images

You can view the images taken with the Designer simply by selecting the Image Explorer from the menu and docking it your Visual Studio. Afterwards whenever you will select an image within your solution you will see all of the details of the taken image.

Modifying the Image parameters

Each image taken with the designer contains metadata with several parameters:

Parameter name




Capture Date

Shows the Date and Time of image creation


03/05/2019 12:37

Capture Environment

Shows the name of the environment where the image was taken


Test Env.

Original Screen Size

Shows the size of the Environment where the image was taken (width x height)



Original Location

Top left coordinates of the image location followed by the dimensions which define image




Not mandatory image description (free text)


This is a button


HotSpot of the image i.e. the relative location where the engine will click on the image. By default the hotspot is placed in the center


X:64, Y:21


Type of the Engine which is to be used for the Image Search. You can select from Default, Precise or Template matching




The precision which is to be used when looking for the image on the SUT. Precision 1.0 looks for a perfect match, whereas a lower precision allows the deviations of the image (e.g. highlighted image vs not highlighted image)



Processing Mode

Determines how the image shall be processed. The engine has the possibly of smoothing the image.



Modifying the Hotspot position

You can modify the Hotspot position simply by dragging the cross to the desired position as shown in the picture below

Cropping the Image

If you want to crop the already taken image simply follow the steps below:

  • Select the Crop button in the Image Explorer

  • The Cropping window will be shown where you will be able to redefine the rectangle of the image. Once completed hit the Crop button in the bottom of the window

  • As a result you will see a new cropped image

Masking the image

For more complex images you might want the engine to ignore some parts of the image. The masking functionality allows you to introduce regions which will be fully ignored by the engine while executing the test case. Follow the steps below to introduce a masking for your image:

  • Select the Mask button in the Image Explorer

  • Draw the first region which should be ignored and press the Mask button. Afterwards you can draw additional regions which shall be ignored. Each time you want to add a new region to ignore simply press the Mask button

  • To finish masking the image simply press the Save button